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The Art Competition

In celebration of the historic revival of the Argive Heraion Games in 2019 sponsored by the Argos/Mycenae Municipality and with the support and creative direction of The Arete Fund, we invite your participation in an art competition inspired by the Heraion customs, beliefs and ideas. While the race is open to all, so too, do we invite the participation of artists whose dialogue with the past may impart to this festival those expressions that expand on the themes of peace and human excellence for the future.

The artwork that wins the First Prize will decorate the poster of the Heraion Games 2019 and will be displayed as a banner on the website of the Heraion Games and the Arete Fund. All competitors who participate in the Heraion Games Art Competition will be published on the website of the Arete Fund with a link to the Heraion Games website for an entire year, thus recognizing and promoting young or established artists. This is a unique opportunity to connect and integrate arts and sports in a beautiful ceremony honoring ancient traditions in our own modern world. All are welcomed to celebrate, compete, and connect! Please, join us today!

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