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Education - The Arete Fund recognizes that education is the key for developing countries to achieve continued growth and stability. The Arete Fund will seek opportunities through existing non-profits to make use of the resources that these organization have already developed. It is our goal to select opportunities that will maximize the impact of our contribution. 


Global Outreach – It has been our priority to support education locally and to defend our shared humanity in a time of religious strife with humanitarian projects and cultural outreach abroad. Arete’s focus on the long road ahead is to move more forcefully on behalf of the education of women and children in developing nations. When necessary, our intention is to collaborate with other non-profit organizations for the purpose of advancing the educational opportunities for women with attention to those who may dwell in conflict zones and areas where the rights of women are given little respect.

Some of our projects include:

Guatemala: Escuela de los Sordos (School for the Deaf)  – The Arete Fund provides financial assistance for 14 needy students in Escuela para ninos sordos, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. Thanks to Jeannie Kokes and Sandra Pursell for their continued sponsorship of and dedication to this project.

Morocco: The Arete Fund provided school books for 250 children at a slum camp on the outskirts of the capital.

Pakistan: We sent 1500 heat sheet blankets after the devastating earthquake that came on winter’s eve.

Tibet: With the generous help of Garry and Ann Fathman, Arete provided funds to lay pipe to transport cleanr unning water to the village of Amdo.

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia: The fund made a contribution of several computers to The Democracy Library.

Bethlehem: a contribution to the Family Hospital’s mobile medical team for the purpose of providing pre-natal education for pregnant women who, in times of strife and road blocks, might not otherwise be able to get to the hospital.

Darfur: Arete provided soccer balls and books to the local schools. 

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